Geoscience 390 – Check it out

In Spring 2010, we will be offering Geoscience 390 – Global Geophysics.

Here are the top 10 reasons to register for this course:

10. Find out if you want to major in Geology and Geophysics by taking an intermediate-level course in Geoscience that has no pre-requisites in the department*.

9. Geoscience 302 (Chemistry and Physics of the Earth’s Interior) will not be offered in academic year 2009-2010.

8. Geoscience 390 will count as a substitute for Geoscience 302 to meet the requirements for the major in Geology and Geophysics.

7. Learn about The Plate Tectonic Theory from Prof. Chuck DeMets, the author of the best available models for describing the plates’ motions.

6. Learn about gravity, seismology, geodesy, magnetic anomalies and heat flow without having to take a hard math class.

5. Learn how to use Matlab to make cool figures to show off your data.

4. Use a new textbook (Kearey et al., 2009) with excellent figures.

3. Find out what all those folks huddling over computers in the east wing of the first floor of Weeks Hall are working on.

2. Learn why the acceleration due to gravity is not always 9.800 m/s/s everywhere.

1. Learn to interpret a beach-ball (a.k.a. earthquake focal mechanism)

More information may be found at  Questions? Please feel free to contact one of us.

Professors Chuck DeMets and Kurt Feigl

*One semester of calculus is a pre-requisite, though.

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