Lewis to deliver keynote on GIS Day


Professor Phil Lewis, author of Tomorrow By Design, is a well-known figure in the landscape architecture and planning professions and is recognized as the ‘Father of the Environmental Corridor.’ Beginning in the late 1950’s, Prof. Lewis has pushed the envelope of environmental thought by challenging the public views of and institutional thought on natural and cultural resources. Over the years Prof. Lewis has developed and refined these environmental concepts into a regional design process. By addressing issues at the regional scale, environmental and cultural resources can be identified, preserved, and incorporated into urban and rural growth patterns. Additionally, interdisciplinary expertise and public education have been key components in Phil’s approach to regional design. As a past professor of landscape architecture at Harvard University, the University of Illinois, and emeritus professor of the University of Wisconsin, in addition to his private and public work, Phil continues to have a great impact on the profession and the future of urban/rural environment.

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