Remote Sensing of Ecosystems final presentations

Dr. Phil Townsend’s class will present the results (thus far) of their Madison urban forests project on December 18th at 10:00 a.m. in Russell Labs A228.  More details from Dr. Townsend:

As with every semester that I teach the Remote Sensing of Ecosystems Class, at the end of the semester, I ask the students (grad students) to give public presentations of the results of their class projects.  This semester, our topic was Urban Forest Ecoystems, and the students focused their efforts around a set of data (including hyperspectral, multispectral, lidar, and high spatial resolution) to examine tree cover in Madison.  The idea for the project came from a quote in the Isthmus by Marla Eddy (the Madison City Forester) that the City really does not have a good idea of how much tree cover there is in Madison.   The class broke into three groups, each of whom are addressing the issue in different ways.

All three groups are looking at ways to map tree cover, and there are a variety of methods and data sets that can be used to do this.  Group One looks at Madison tree cover and is evaluating the spatial patterns of tree cover, in particular with respect to demographic, schools and other geospatial information. Group One is also looking at mapping of impervious surfaces.  Group Two is looking at tree cover, ash distribution (for emaeral ash borer), and integration with the street tree databases of the City and Town of Madison, and Village of Shorewood Hills.  Group Three is using lidar data in combination with hyperspectral data to map tree cover and look at tree health.

Although our analysis of Madison forests will be by no means finished at the end of the semester (my lab group will probably take the ball and run with extending some of this work, thinking about runoff, photosynthesis, forest health and other issues), these results will provide a nice overview of our urban forests in Madison.

As such, we cordially invite anyone who is interested to attend the student’s final presentations.  The presentations will start promptly at 10am in Russell Labs A228 on Friday, December 18.  We will have snacks and drinks.  We have 9 students to present, so expect the presentations to go until about noon or maybe shortly after with questions.

For those of you coming from off-campus, Lot 36 (the ramp to the north of Russell Labs) has parking meters on the top level.

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