SIAC Working Groups Formed

On May 12, 2010, an initial meeting of the new SIAC steering committee was held.  At this meeting, notes from the Campus Geospatial Summit of March 16th were reviewed (see summit notes) and three working groups were established to work on campus “tier one” priorities.  Please contact the group facilitator directly if you would like to be a part of one (or more) of these working groups. There will be at least one meeting held in this summer before the next steering meeting in early Fall.

1) Networking and Information Exchange Working Group
Purpose: This working group is a combination of the Data, Networking and Research groups established at the Geospatial Summit because a lot of immediate needs centered on a central place to go for information for all of these topics.  In the short term, this group will focus on how best to populate and maintain the SIAC website as a means for information exchange.  This includes the development of a robust, searchable directory of people.
Facilitator: Bill Buckingham, Dept. of Community & Environmental Sociology (Applied Population Lab), , 262-9156

2) Education and Training Working Group
Purpose: To evaluate education and training needs, curriculum coordination, short-course development
Facilitator: Steve Ventura, Department of Soil Science, , 262-6416

3) Campus GIS Help Desk Working Group
Purpose: To facilitate the development of a web-based/physical GIS help desk that supports students and fac/staff across campus.
Facilitator: Karen Tuerk, Department of Geography, , 265-9975


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