SimplyMap available through UW libraries

I’d like to make UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students aware of an online campus resource for mapping statistical data called SimplyMap. This web-based mapping application contains a wealth of demographic, business, and health related statistical data that could be extremely valuable for researchers and students on our campus. While the thematic mapping capabilities and web cartography are not the real strength of this application, the data that is available can be exported in various formats including shapefiles and tables.

Included in the application are: Census data, including (2006) population data and population projections for each year to 2014; current (2006) consumer expenditure data and projections to 2014; business counts from 2006-2009; market segments, quality of life, consumer price index, retail sales, sales potential, Simmons data, & Claritas PRIZM data…all for 2009.

Also included is a series of health-related data for 2000, 2009 and projected to 2014 including: physical health, mental health, physical limitations, health status, smoking and alcohol, leisure activity and BMI, health care, dental care, and HIV. Data categories for adults and children vary. (There is much more information available than just what I have listed here.)

All of this data can be mapped in SimplyMap by county, census tract, or census block group and exported for further analysis in ArcGIS or other software (if necessary/desired). The license for this UW-Madison campus-only resource is limited to five simultaneous users.

How do you find it? Go to the UW Libraries homepage and select the database tab. Click on the letter “s” and scroll down the list, or type in Simply Map in the search box. Create a workspace in SimplyMap by entering your UW email address and your preferred password. Upon verification, you will have access.

I encourage you to check it out!

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