Check out the new UW mobile app

University Communications and the UW Division of Information Technology (DoIT) recently teamed up on a nifty new iPhone application designed to connect mobile users with campus resources.   I’m impressed with the integral use of maps in the application.  The “Show Me” feature lets you quickly locate public parking, athletic facilities, libraries, and more, in relation to your current location. The “Today’s Events Map” is also cool… as the name implies, you can see a map-enabled version of the traditionally text-only UW calendar.  It also has a feature to locate nearby bus stops, although real-time tracking of busses is not an option. 

I experienced a few unexpected crashes while using the app, but I suspect that will be cleared up soon as they make updates to this 1.0 version.  According to the press release, an Android application is planned for early 2011.

Check out the full press release for more information.  Search for “UW app” in the iTunes store if you are interested in installing the free app on your iPhone.

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