New Esri Virtual Campus courses available

Did you know UW faculty, staff, and students have FREE access to ESRI Vritual Campus online courses?  Visit the LICGF Web site for the full list of courses available.  UW-Madison site license manager recently announced a dozen new classes now available through the Virtual Campus:


  • 3D Analysis of Surfaces and Features using ArcGIS 10
  • Basics of Python Creating 3D Data Using ArcGIS 10
  • Deriving Rasters for Terrain Analysis Using ArcGIS 10
  • Displaying Raster Data using ArcGIS 10
  • Distance Analysis using ArcGIS 10
  • Exploring Spatial Patterns in Your Data Using ArcGIS 10
  • Introduction to Surface Modeling Using ArcGIS 10
  • Organizing Raster Data Using ArcGIS 10
  • Performing Spatial Interpolation Using ArcGIS 10
  • Processing Raster Data Using ArcGIS 10
  • Python Scripting for Map Automation in ArcGIS 10

If you are interested in taking an online ESRI Virtual Campus course, for more details and access codes.

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