GeoDesign Summit 2012

Explore the emerging practice and field of GeoDesign by participating in the 3rd annual GeoDesign Summit in Redlands CA, Jan 5-6 2012.  Based on concepts found in Ian McHarg’s seminal Design With Nature, GeoDesign integrates geographic science with design, resulting in a systematic methodology for geographic planning and decision-making. GeoDesign brings geographic analysis into any design process, resulting in designs that more closely follow natural systems.

The Summit brings professionals in GIS, design, & tech development from around the world to share the latest in GeoDesign work, along with academic faculty who explore the opportunities for GeoDesign as a professional curriculum in higher education.  UW-Madison continues to be a player in both presentations and the academic discussions at these Summits. 

Submissions for Papers, Lightning Talks, or the Map Gallery will be accepted until October 10, 2011 via:

If you are curious about the UW-Madison angle, contact .

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