New tutorials now available from the SCO

The State Cartographer’s Office published two new tutorials during August that may be of interest to faculty, staff, and students on campus.

The first is called “Quick and Easy Web Maps with Google Fusion Tables.” If you haven’t checked out Fusion Tables (an online data management application designed for collaboration, visualization and publishing of data), it’s worth a look. The tutorial walks you through the basic steps to create an online map using Fusion Tables.

Later in the month, the SCO published a second technical paper called “Concepts and Methods for Rule-Based Web Cartography.” This Technical Paper provides a quick overview of concepts and methods for Web-based cartography, with specific reference to issues of content selection and feature symbolization in the context of scale change.  One of the ways that interactive Web-based maps are different from traditional paper maps is that Web maps permit users to dynamically change map scale by interacting with a zoom tool.  This creates several unique challengers for cartographers, which the paper addresses.

The SCO expects to produce more technical papers like this inthe future, and they welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Send your ideas to .

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