MACDAD meeting this Friday

Interested in cartography, design techniques, geovisualization, or just like looking at pretty pictures? Join us this Friday for the first MACDAD (Madison Area Cartographic Design and Dissemination) group meeting of the semester!

When: Friday, October 21st at 3:30 p.m.
Where: Science Hall Room 380 (GIS lab) 
Who: Daniel Huffman, our “Cartographer in Residence”, will be presenting on a topic he calls “Generalization Blending for Shaded Relief”:

Abstract: “I shall present a novel (at least to me) technique in improving automated shaded relief, which I have named “Generalization Blending” until someone comes up with something better. It will hopefully be yet another step toward cartography’s goal of making a digital shaded relief that doesn’t look embarrassingly bad when compared to a manual one.”

We will also discuss MACDAD in general and any future ideas or topics people have for the group.

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