New ERDAS licenses available

I have received the 2012-2013 ERDAS licenses for UW-Madison.  If you are interested in acquiring or renewing ERDAS Imagine and its components, how many you would like and what the system IDs (MAC addresses) are of the machines that will have the software or will serve a floating license.  All departmental / research / teaching licenses should be ordered through me as before.  Student licenses ($150) are available directly from Integraph.  More info about student licenses can be found here.

The cost remains $250 per seat.  Payment is by Credit Card/Phone with Space Science & Engineering Center staff. All UW ERDAS licenses expire Aug 31 of each year.

The current version of the software is 11.0.5   The new licenses will support that version and earlier, back to 9.3.  I no longer receive installation disks but anyone can download the software components for installation.

More information about the UW-Madison ERDAS site license is available on the Geospatial Alliance Web site.

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