GIS Day Speakers

This year, presentations will feature several keynote speakers such as Greg Tracy from Propeller Health, Liz Eversoll from SOLOMO Technology, Ray Mandli from Mandli Communications, and Paul Braun from Continental Mapping Consultants. The speakers will be presenting their talks in the H.F. DeLuca Forum at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

The keynote presentaions will be Greg Tracy at 10:15 am (presentation title pending); Liz Eversoll at 11:15 am presenting, “Indoor Location – The Uncharted Frontier”; Paul Braun at 12:15 pm presenting, “UAS and the Wild Wild West: The Emerging Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Market and its Impact on the Geospatial Industry; and Ray Mandli at 1:15 pm  presenting “GIS Visualization in the 3rd Dimension”.

DeLuca Forum

DeLuca Forum – Keynote Presentations


 Keynote Speakers:


Greg Tracy presenting at 10:15 am

“Uncertainty is the new black. Embrace it”

Greg Tracy is co-founder and CTO of Propeller Health, the leading mobile platform for respiratory health management. He has been building software products and engineering teams for nearly twenty years in medicine, telecommunications and mass storage.

Greg has started two companies and led the engineering team of a third from small startup through a merger to an IPO. As an engineering Director, Greg has excelled at driving results by creating great cultures.

Greg loves building software and when he’s not building it for his companies, he’s building it for Madison. As founder of HackingMadison, Greg has built and deployed numerous free tools to build community and help Madison operate more efficiently. Most notably is the free Metro Transit API which serves 1M transit requests per week.

You can find Greg writing about software, family and Madison on Twitter at @gregtracy.


Liz Eversoll presenting at 11:15 am

“Indoor Location – The Uncharted Frontier”

Liz Eversoll

Liz Eversoll, CEO of SOLOMO Technology, has spent the last 20 years in the IT industry and has extensive experience as a business owner, IT executive, technology services and reseller executive, and consultant. Liz sits on a number of boards mentoring young technology startups in Wisconsin and working to foster the IT startup ecosystem. Her passion is building businesses with great teams, strong vision and disruptive potential. She started SOLOMO Technology in 2010 in response to the major market trends of our time — the rapid explosion of mobile devices around the world, the boom in social media and social connectedness over the Internet, and the movement toward increasingly local products and services, the cloud and big data.

Follow Liz on Twitter @lizeversoll @slm_technology


 Paul Braun presenting at 12:15 pm

“UAS and the Wild Wild West: The Emgering Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Market and its Impact on the Geospatial Industry”

Paul Braun 1x2

For 25 years Paul has been active in the GIS industry. He began his GIS education at UW-Madison in the mid 1980’s studying under Phil Lewis, Ben Niemann, and Al Vonderohe.  Since then he has been involved in developing Wisconsin’s digital wetland inventory with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, coordinating the GIS program at the University of South Carolina, deploying GIS in eastern Europe through the Peace Corps as well as 15 years of private sector GIS consulting, geospatial software development and survey and mapping services.  His interests have always focused on applying geospatial technology to better understand complex natural and man-made systems. 

Paul has a BS in Landscape Architecture from UW-Madison and a Master of Science degree from the University of Arizona in Renewable Natural Resource Studies.

Paul currently serves as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Continental Mapping headquartered in Sun Prairie, WI.  They employ several dozen photogrammetry and GIS personnel and surveyors to produce geospatial data for private sector companies, state agencies and the federal government including both unclassified and classified agencies. Current areas of interest include:

  1. The use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for fast, accurate and repeatable data and their impact on both the engineering and design community as well as areas such as special needs education and employment,
  2. Crowdsourcing and the maker movement as two market trends that are dramatically impacting how we live,
  3. The hybridization of mapping technologies such as mobile and aerial lidar, photogrammetry and land survey to map, measure and model the world in which we live, and
  4. Special needs education and employment.

Follow on Twitter at @pdbraun.


Ray Mandli presenting at 1:15 pm

“GIS Visualization in the 3rd Dimension”

Ray founded Mandli Communications in 1983 and since then his company has grown to be one of the most innovative technology integrators in the transportation industry. During this time, Mandli Communications has developed advanced mobile data collection systems that include imaging, positional, pavement, and LiDAR technology.  


Questions, please contact at 608/263-4371

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