Campus GIS Labs

Forest and Wildlife Ecology Computer Laboratory

  • A120 Russell Labs
  • Access: Reserved for use by undergraduate and graduate forest and wildlife ecology classes, and may also be used by non-FWE students who are enrolled in courses taught by department faculty.

Geography Drop-in Lab

  • M376 Science Hall (located on the 3rd floor mezzanine), 550 North Park St.
  • Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • 16 PCs with ArcGIS and a variety of other software
  • Access: Geography students, or students enrolled in Geography classes

Geography Geospatial Teaching Lab

  • 380 Science Hall, 550 North Park St.
  • Hours: N/A
  • 20 PCs plus one teaching station computer with ArcGIS, ArcView 3.3, MapInfo, IDRISI, Trimble Pathfinder Office
  • Access: Teaching Lab for Geography courses.

Robinson Map Library

  • 310 Science Hall, 550 North Park St.
  • Hours
  • 6 public GIS workstations for browsing geospatial data and/or using ArcGIS software
  • Access: Open to anyone, including the general public

Steenbock Library Infolab

  • 550 Babcock Drive
  • Hours
  • 68 PCs with a wide range of software, including ArcView
  • Access: Open to all faculty, staff, and students with a valid NetID

Other Campus Computing Labs